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South Carolina

South Carolina Shade Structures

USA SHADE is the top manufacturer in South Carolina and across the country for commercial shade structures. Our reputation is built on our capability to create protective shade for outdoor spaces through innovative design solutions. Our focus on making structures functional and attractive makes us the premier choice for clients across the nation.

South Carolina can sometimes have hot weather year-round so whether kids are at the playground or people are taking their dogs to a dog park, shade is almost necessary to create a comfortable experience. Shade structures create a space where they can get relief from UV rays during warmer weather. Our efficient turnkey approach to the design/build process ensures your business or organization receives welcoming shade protection for guests, making the facilities even more appealing.

USA SHADE creates quality commercial shade structures that complement the business or facility while also providing essential functionality. Whether shade is needed at a school, church, recreation/sports complex, or restaurant, we can help. See how USA SHADE can transform outdoor spaces and make them more usable in the heat.

Commercial Shade Structures in South Carolina

South Carolina has a range of locations that benefit from the installation of shade structures in the outdoor space. With many styles and color options, our shade structures complement site-specific landscape designs, existing or planned.

Our team can also customize complex projects to meet your business or organization’s requirements. We are familiar with zoning and permit guidelines in South Carolina, our knowledgeable experts guide our clients through the planning and permitting process to ensure smooth project delivery.

The Benefits of Selecting USA SHADE for Commercial Shade Structures

USA SHADE has an in-house Architectural Specialist Division that collaborates with landscape architects, architects, and other design professionals on more complex and large-scale projects. We also provide information on conceptual site impacts and construction implementation that can help guide decision-making.

Other benefits of working with us include:

  • We have durable commercial shade structures made from the best materials, including sturdy steel and HDPE fabric.
  • We have knowledgeable local representatives that are familiar with South Carolina’s zoning and permit guidelines.
  • We are a General Services Administration-approved vendor with decades worth of experience working with the United States military.
  • We innovate design ideas that encompass the latest industry trends in South Carolina and the country.


We are the leading designer and manufacturer of commercial shade structures and shade sails in the country. We can enhance outdoor spaces and protect visitors from the hot sun in South Carolina. Contact us today to request a quote, schedule a free design consultation or learn more about our services.