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Minnesota Shade Structures

Across the nation, USA SHADE is known for our outstanding commercial shade structures which enhance outdoor spaces in Minnesota. We provide turnkey services that take the design process from concept to installation. Our experienced team listens to our client’s vision by developing a solution that will be both functional and attractive.

Minnesota residents know that, even in winter, the sun shines brightly, and people need protection from harmful UV rays. Whether shade is needed for a walkway in an outdoor retail center or a place where families and children can enjoy the outdoors without too much sun exposure. We recognize every project has unique needs and offer a portfolio of pre-engineered designs for customized solutions.

Let us put our creativity and technical expertise to work. See how USA SHADE can provide protection and aesthetic appeal for outdoor spaces in Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Rochester, and all other parts of Minnesota.

Commercial Shade Structures in Minnesota

We create exceptional commercial shade structures all across Minnesota. From faith-based centers to parks and recreation to corporate and commercial spaces, our capabilities can meet any need. We prioritize customer service to ensure our clients have a seamless experience. We’re committed to offering uncompromising quality in commercial shade structures.

We focus on delivering project installations on time and within budget. Interested in learning how we have helped others in Minnesota? Here are some of our most recent projects in the state:

The Advantages of Working With USA SHADE

Why should your business choose USA SHADE for commercial shade structures? We’re proud of our outstanding reputation within the industry for over three decades.

Our Architectural Specialist Division collaborates with design professionals in the industry including architects and landscape architects. We can customize designs that offer continuity with the existing site plans, making the shade structure design complement the environment. We develop custom designs and identify potential site impacts so that our clients clearly understand every step of the process.

  • Other advantages of choosing USA SHADE include:
  • The option to engineer for specific snow loads.
  • Experience in leading large-scale shade projects.
  • Outstanding quality of shade structures, which are long-lasting.
  • Understanding of Minnesota’s local building permit requirements.
  • Innovative custom designs.
  • Flexibility of application, from playgrounds to tennis courts to bus stops.

Contact us today to learn more about our services in Minnesota and request a free quote.