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The Best Applications For Waterproof Shade Structures

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Owning an outdoor business or one with an outdoor area can be tricky. Events and guest attendance rely on the weather, which can be unpredictable. However, with quality waterproof shade structures, you can feel confident your guests and equipment will be safe no matter the weather. What are the best applications for waterproof shade structures, and how can they benefit your industry?

This guide will cover some of the best uses for waterproof shade structures and why you should invest in them.

What Are Waterproof Shade Structures?

Traditional shade structures provide cooling areas to help protect your business’ property or provide additional comfort for guests. Waterproof shade structures provide the same benefits with the bonus of protection from rain.

Popular waterproof shade materials include the following.

  • PTFE: With maximum durability and a long service life, PTFE is ideal for permanent shade structures. PTFE is a highly recommended shade structure material.
  • PVC: PVC is ideal for temporary and permanent waterproof shade structures. PVC has excellent durability and strength, making it one of the most common materials used for waterproof shade structures.
  • Novashield®: Novashield® is a lightweight woven fabric that is compatible with temporary and permanent shade structures. Novashield® is a cost-effective option for businesses looking to add waterproof shade structures.

The best shade structure material for your business will depend on a few factors, such as your budget, location and intended uses. A specialist at USA SHADE can work with you to determine the best fabric and structure that aligns with your business goals and needs.

Applications for Waterproof Shade Structures

Waterproof shade structures are incredibly versatile, letting you use them in multiple ways. Create a cool spot in a large field or protect outdoor dining areas from intense sun or rain. From entertainment and sports industries to wastewater treatment plants, there’s always a place for waterproof shade structures. If you have a vision, it can likely come true.

Which industries can benefit from waterproof shade structures?

Athletic Stadiums, Fields and Facilities

Whether it’s the local Little League tournament or the Super Bowl, fans should comfortably enjoy the game. Waterproof shade structures are one way to amplify the experience. Rain or shine, waterproof shade structures protect fans and players from the weather.

During sunny days, the shade structure will provide a cool area for spectators to watch. With the proper shade, fans can avoid harmful UV rays, heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. These structures can even help reduce glare from the sun, allowing fans to comfortably watch the game.

Additionally, waterproof shade structures will help keep fans dry during unexpected rainstorms. Fans can seek shelter under your provided shade structures and still enjoy the game while the storm passes. When fans are happy and protected, they’re more likely to stay longer — even during inclement weather.

All these benefits of athletic shade structures allow fans to enjoy the game and their experience at your facility. Favorable experiences lead to repeat and loyal customers, helping increase revenue and business success.

Amusement Parks and Entertainment Centers

Various amusement parks and entertainment centers can benefit from waterproof shade structures, including:

  • Fairgrounds
  • Festivals
  • Museums
  • Theme parks
  • Zoos
  • Family entertainment centers

These businesses tend to draw large crowds, so it’s crucial to provide shaded areas for guests to cool down and escape harmful UV rays. Waterproof shade structures are ideal for dining areas, rides, long lines and pools or aquatic areas. Thanks to shade structures, guests can still enjoy the breeze and fresh air of being outside without overheating.

If rain or inclement weather occurs, guests will likely stay to wait it out — after all, they paid for their experience. However, if there are not enough places to take shelter, guests may become irritated and develop negative attitudes toward your business. Luckily, if waterproof shade structures are in place, there should be ample space to shelter guests from the rain. Amusement parks and entertainment centers with waterproof shade structures can feel confident guests can comfortably and easily escape the weather, rain or shine.

Waterproof shade structures are also an excellent way for amusement and theme parks to expand on their creative design concepts. Shade structures are available in different colors and shapes, so you can keep shade structures aligned with the area’s theme. For example, if you’re adding shade structures near a dinosaur-based ride, choose a green structure to look like a tree in the jungle. The possibilities are endless, and customization options are available to bring your vision to life.

Aquatics and Water Parks

Water parks and other water-based areas like pools, aquariums and splash pads are ideal areas to add a waterproof shade structure. The added comfort and protection of waterproof shade structures allow guests to enjoy the water all day without becoming too overheated. Shade structures also block harmful UV rays, so guests can safely enjoy a long day outside.

Waterproof shade structures still allow for air circulation while protecting people from rain or overhead water splashes. Parents and guardians can relax in the shade while kids splash around. Older adults and young children can also join in the fun for a full family outing. Many people benefit from extra sun protection, so waterproof shade structures allow your business to accommodate every guest.

When guests can comfortably enjoy the day, they’ll feel more inclined to stay at your business longer, leading to additional purchases from dining services and gift shops.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Protect expensive, valuable equipment with waterproof shade structures. Shade structures can prevent outdoor tanks, pumps, treatment spaces and storage facilities from overheating, sun damage and evaporation. Using shade to lower the temperature within tanks prevents the water from evaporating and causing chemical treatment imbalances. Keeping equipment cool allows your facility to work correctly and keep a productive workflow.

Of course, waterproof shade structures will do more than shield equipment from the sun — they will also protect against snow and rain. Ensuring water treatment functionality is crucial because these facilities impact public health and safety. Wastewater treatment plants prevent illness and death from waterborne diseases like cholera, giardiasis and typhoid, to name a few.

Waterproof shade structures are so successful at maintaining equipment functionality that some local governments and municipalities require shade solutions at wastewater treatment facilities. With waterproof shade structures, you can feel confident your wastewater treatment facility functions correctly and provides the community with clean, fresh water.

General Applications

Waterproof shade structures can benefit many businesses. Even if your business doesn’t fit in one of the industries above, there are still meaningful ways to incorporate waterproof shade structures.

Consider using waterproof shade structures for:

  • Building entrances
  • Bleachers
  • Dining areas
  • Standing or seating areas
  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds

While it may seem like waterproof shade structures are only for businesses that deal with customers, that’s not the case. Warehouses, office buildings and more can benefit from shade structures, as they protect property and provide additional comfort for employees. Some employees will value a covered outdoor dining space where they can spend their lunch break. Other employees will appreciate the protection provided.

Regardless of your business or its location, waterproof shade structures can be an excellent addition. If you’re still unsure how to implement shade structures for your business, contact USA SHADE. Our expert team can walk you through all the possibilities and find the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of Waterproof Shade Structures

Businesses across industries continue to use waterproof shade structures because of their many benefits. The benefits extend past keeping people and property dry. Take a look at some of the top waterproof shade structure benefits below.


By design, waterproof shade structures withstand moisture, sun damage and extreme weather, so your business can enjoy a functional shade structure for years. Compared to traditional shade structures, waterproof shade structures last longer, with a life span of around 15 to 25 years. With one installation, you can protect your business for over a decade.

Wide Range of Design and Customization Options

Waterproof shade structures are an extension of your business, so at USA SHADE, we offer many design options to create the perfect solution for you. While shade structure functionality is crucial, so is design. Guests are sure to notice your shade structures, so design matters.

Waterproof shade structure fabrics come in many colors, from terracotta and silver to classic black and white. Fun shades like atomic orange, sunflower yellow, zesty lime, electric purple and more are also available. However, waterproof shade structure design goes beyond color — these structures also come in various shapes and styles.

  • Squares and rectangles: These classic and simple shapes are highly versatile to fit many different needs.
  • Cantilever: Cantilever shade structures are ideal for athletic fields, stadiums or facilities because they provide ample shade without view-restricting poles. These shade structures have one or two poles or columns on the sides, while the waterproof material extends like an awning.
  • Sails: For an adjustable shade structure, choose from a three-point, four-point or five-point sail shade structure. This option comes with adjustable columns, so you can change each column’s height and create new shapes with your waterproof fabric.
  • Multi-sided: Irregularly shaped areas are no problem for multi-sided shade structures. These structures can cover large and uniquely shaped areas with ease.
  • Single-post: Single-post shade structures provide shade and protection to smaller areas. These structures consist of one post and an extended awning, allowing them to take up minimal space.
  • Specialty: If you’re looking for a unique shade structure, you’ll want to check out the specialty collection. These structures have fun designs that can enhance your business’ outdoor aesthetic.

Custom design options are also available. Businesses with a child-based audience can even use unique structures to make animal-shaped shadows. For example, zoos, amusement parks or pools that use a custom shade structure that creates a shadow of a butterfly will create an immersive experience for guests. Your business will also stand out for these unique features.

Low Maintenance

Since waterproof shade structures include durable, high-quality materials, you can avoid demanding maintenance routines. Some waterproof shade structures come with self-cleaning options, making it even easier to keep your business looking its best.

Even without the self-cleaning option, waterproof shade structures are fairly easy to maintain. Routine inspections and cleaning will keep your shade structure in great shape. Professional cleaning services are available to take care of your shade structure, or you can do it yourself.

Before attempting to clean a shade structure, check the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution. Diluted detergent and a power washer are usually reliable options, but your specific fabric may require a unique cleaning solution to avoid damage. Some fabrics react poorly with bleach or other cleaning chemicals, so it’s always best to double-check.

While a quick power wash can be enough to clean a waterproof shade structure, sometimes you’ll need a more in-depth clean. Follow these steps for a thorough cleaning.

  1. Remove the fabric: Unclip your shade structure fabric from the columns and spread it evenly on the ground. Ensure the area is clear of any sharp debris to avoid accidental damage.
  2. Spray it down: Loosen up any dirt, grime or debris on the fabric by using a hose set to a low-pressure setting. Make sure to get the entire fabric wet, not just the problem areas.
  3. Scrub the fabric: Use a soft brush or sponge to scrub away any remaining stains or dirt. Again, follow the shade structure manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning solutions and tools.
  4. Let it dry: Allow the fabric to dry before reattaching it to the shade structure columns. Drying times may vary, but it may take up to 24 hours, so keep drying time in mind before cleaning the fabric.

In addition to routine inspections and cleaning, you’ll also want to check on your shade structure after a big storm. Extreme weather can be challenging, so it’s smart to look for any potential damage and proactively repair it.

When inspecting a shade structure after inclement weather, look for issues such as:

  • Sagging fabric
  • Loose connection points
  • Debris like branches or twigs
  • Tears in the fabric
  • Structural damage

Overall, waterproof shade structures are relatively low-maintenance. A few inspections and cleanings a year will keep your business’ shade structure functional and beneficial for years to come.

Increased Safety

Sun protection is one of the most vital benefits of shade structures. The sun emits harmful UV rays that can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. Luckily, shade structures provide 97% UV protection, allowing guests or employees to safely enjoy being outdoors by significantly decreasing the risk of UV damage.

In addition to the adverse effects of UV rays, sun exposure can also lead to other health conditions, including dehydration, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, heat rash and more. UV rays and excessive heat are dangerous for everyone, but some groups, such as young children and older adults, are more vulnerable to UV and heat-related illnesses. Proper shade structures will accommodate these vulnerable people and ensure they have a positive experience at your business.

Improved Experiences

Waterproof shade structures provide guests with a comfortable place to cool down or escape an unexpected rainstorm. When people are comfortable, they’re more likely to have a good time at your establishment. Exemplary guest experiences bring people back to your business over and over again. Additionally, guests who enjoy their time at your establishment may become brand advocates who recommend your business to others.

A lack of shelter will force your guests to go home or stay and get soaked during rain showers. Either way, visitors will be unsatisfied with their experience, which could lead to negative reviews. Avoid unfavorable brand associations and make guests happy by keeping them dry with waterproof shade structures. No matter the weather, the game, show or play date can go on.

Asset Protection

After investing in your business’ outdoor equipment or furniture, you’ll want to take excellent care of it. From outdoor tables and seating to sound systems and screens, changing weather can damage your property. Installing waterproof shade structures is one way to maintain and protect your assets.

If an unexpected rain shower or thunderstorm rolls through, you can relax knowing the waterproof shade structures will keep your equipment and furniture dry. Without these structures in place, your equipment and other assets are vulnerable, and even with quick responses from staff members, it’s likely water damage will occur.

Waterproof shade structures will keep your assets dry and shield them from the sun. Your property needs as much protection from UV rays and excessive heat as people do. Electronics left in direct sunlight will overheat and fail to function, and sunshine will prematurely fade dining tables or other furniture. Protect your assets, rain or shine, with waterproof shade structures.

Invest in Waterproof Shade Structures Today

At USA SHADE, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, high-quality shade structures. Our shade structures are extremely durable, so your business can enjoy their benefits for years. Additionally, our experienced and helpful team can work with your business to create unique and custom shade structures to meet any needs or specifications.

Invest in your business and request a free quote today to make your waterproof shade structure dream a reality.