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How to Enhance Your Water Park User Experience

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A woman and a child smile as they go down a water slide on a tube.

Your water park’s user experience is paramount for your guests. From their arrival to their departure, they evaluate how your business made them feel and if the visit was worth their hard-earned cash. Your park’s user experience will ultimately determine your business’ reputation and success. Taking action to enhance your UX will make your visitors happy and eager to visit again. You can do many things to improve your user experience and provide the best service to your customers.

Learn more about how to enhance your water park user experience and boost your business.

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Shaping the User Experience

Many factors contribute to a water park’s user experience.

Taking a step back to better understand what shapes the user experience at your business is key to making positive changes. Every part of your park’s design and guest protocols will impact your customers’ satisfaction.

The first factor that influences UX is how well you understand your guests. You’ve got to step into their shoes and see the park from their perspective. It is crucial to ask the following questions:

  • What do your guests want and need?
  • What will impress and inspire your guests?

You should also consider how immersive your water park experience is. While you may not have a state-of-the-art light show or animatronics to create a fully immersive experience, your business will be more impactful and memorable if you successfully build a fun and branded world your customers can step into.

Another factor contributing to user experience is a business’ ability to adapt and improve its processes. Continuous improvement lets your users see how much you care about their interactions with your water park. Making the park more convenient and playful is part of strategically influencing your customers’ experience.

And lastly, your water park’s functionality is a central part of the user experience. It is essential to have the accommodations that make your business more accessible and inclusive. Everything from having a shady place to escape the sun to accessing a secure locker for holding valuables will contribute to your customers’ perception of the park.

The Value of Investing in the User Experience

User experience is crucial for water park businesses, and it is essential to dedicate time and energy to its improvement. To refine and enhance your park’s UX, you must be strategic about what changes you implement. Your insightful investment in user experience can boost your business.

A blue water slide at a water park.

Unlike other business models where the customer can differentiate between user experience and product satisfaction, your UX is your business. How much fun your guests have at your park contributes to their overall opinion of your business.

If you want your business to excel, you need to focus on making your visitors happy, so they’ll stay loyal. Investing in ways to keep your visitors satisfied and comfortable can transform your business and its reputation. If you fail to have things like conveniently located bathrooms or shaded areas, word will get around and ultimately impact your success.

About 84% of companies that invest in their customer experience say they’ve experienced a boost in revenue. UX can determine your business’ fate, and you should prioritize its improvement.

Here are 10 ways to improve UX at water parks.

10 Ways to Improve the UX at Water Parks

There are a few different ways to enhance customers’ time spent at your business. Check out some of our water park experience ideas.

1. Reduce Wait Times in the Park

One way to improve your business’ UX is by reducing wait times.

  • Rides: No one enjoys spending their day at a water park waiting to go down a slide or hop on a ride. Keeping queues well-managed is crucial for your guests’ experience.
  • Bathrooms: You’ll need enough restroom facilities to accommodate your guests without long lines.
  • Services: If you have services like a concession stand or gift shop, it is best to have efficient processes to keep lines moving quickly.

If your customers spend too long standing around, this can adversely affect their experience. To reduce wait times, offer options to buy passes online and be sure to have accommodations for the maximum number of people admitted into your park.

2. Ask Your Visitors for Feedback

Another method for improving your water park’s UX is accepting feedback from your guests. Understanding their point of view will help you make necessary improvements. Don’t hesitate to ask for their thoughts and opinions!

You can collect customer criticism in two primary ways. The first is by collecting real-time responses. Provide your visitors with ways to submit feedback throughout their day at your water park. Ask them about their experience as they exit the park or have them score their visit as they wait in line.

You can also gather feedback by sending your guests a survey via email following their visit. Have them identify and share any pain points or ideas for improvements.

3. Personalize the Customer Experience

Don’t underestimate the power of personalization in building an outstanding UX. Here are some ways you can boost your customers’ experience with your park.

  • Share unique or exclusive deals: Sending your visitors offers after their time at your park can make them feel valued as customers and enhance their experience.
  • Remind guests of their last visit: Sharing a photo or reminder email from your customers’ last visit can inspire them to come back.
  • Recommend rides: Engaging with your customers with recommendations for rides or activities at your park can make them feel more connected to your business.

Something as simple as a personalized email can make your guests feel more connected to your park and might encourage them to visit again.

4. Prioritize Convenience Around the Park

Convenience is one of the most crucial contributing factors to overall UX. Make sure your water park prioritizes easy access to the following.

  • Restrooms: No one wants to go searching for a restroom, especially during their valuable time at your water park.
  • Shaded spaces: Having a place to rest in the shade is essential, creating comfortable water park experiences.
  • Trash and recycling receptacles: Having enough well-placed trash cans is convenient and keeps the park cleaner. Your guests will appreciate having them close by.

The secret to providing an unforgettable customer experience is creating a comfortable and convenient space for your visitors.

5. Focus on Hygiene

Prioritizing hygiene at every level can enhance your park’s UX.

A focus on public health has never been more critical. Keeping your water park clean and safe goes beyond disinfecting your surfaces and treating your water.

It can be beneficial to include hand sanitizer stations throughout your business, especially near restrooms and places where people eat. Ensure your guests have enough space to distance themselves from other patrons if they wish. Your visitors will appreciate it.

Consider other ways to improve your park’s hygiene, such as:

  • Providing free showers for guests before they get in the water
  • Adding more trash receptacles
  • Using top-notch cleaning methods for park-owned towels

6. Boost Your Customer Service

Investing in your customer service is an effective way to enhance your business’ user experience. If it is challenging to get in touch with someone from your water park, it will reflect poorly on your reputation.

The cornerstone of outstanding customer service is hiring top-notch employees. Make sure you empower and prepare your staff to interact with your visitors. If your team is happy, they’ll work harder to uplift your business and bend over backward to make visitors satisfied.

When a company’s customer service is effective and easy to work with, it establishes trust and can make customers feel valued and heard.

7. Offer Adequate Seating Options

Outdoor furnishings are a valuable feature of water parks. Your visitors should feel comfortable and relaxed while spending time at your business. There are many UX benefits of providing adequate seating options.

  • Encouraging longer visits: When guests have somewhere to sit down between activities, they can take a break to recharge their batteries, then continue enjoying what your park has to offer.
  • Accommodating more visitors: Seating will allow your park to welcome more people. Having somewhere to sit can help with busyness and congestion throughout the park.
  • Providing areas to eat and rest: Your customers will appreciate having somewhere they can enjoy a snack or meal together while spending the day at your park.

8. Use a Mobile App

Having an accompanying mobile app for your water park can be beneficial for improving the user experience. This app will function differently than one for an amusement park because people won’t always have their phones near the water.

However, you can incorporate helpful features in your app they will use when they are out of the water, such as:

  • Ordering food for pickup
  • Using mobile payment options
  • Looking at wait times for specific attractions

Remember that your mobile app’s user experience is just as critical as your actual park’s UX. Ensure it is straightforward to navigate. Otherwise, your visitors will become frustrated and opt not to use it.

9. Offer a Secure Place for Storing Personal Belongings

One of the secrets to providing an excellent user experience at your water park is having secure, easy-to-access areas for storing your belongings. If you have lockers, ensure the system to get passcodes or keys is efficient. Your guests want to feel confident that their wallets and phones are safe while they are busy exploring your park.

Encourage your guests to use your lockers or storage system for personal items and ask them to keep other valuables at home.

10. Provide Plenty of Shade

Shade is vital in a water park. Kids and adults alike will need to escape the sun at some point during their visit to avoid sunburns and heatstroke. Having quality shade structures is essential for keeping everyone comfortable and happy while spending time at your business.

Consider options to cover equipment that may get hot in the sun and shade your sitting areas to enhance your water park’s user experience.

Shade Structures for Water Parks

Your outdoor water park can benefit from shade structures in both function and aesthetics. At USA SHADE, we have a wide selection of commercial shade structures to choose from. We also produce completely customized products to meet your park’s specific design requirements.

Whether you are looking for a shade structure to provide protection over large areas or offer a moment of relief in a small corner, we’ve got something for every business.

It is beneficial to add shade near queues, seating areas, splash pads, dining areas, and attractions.

Where Do Water Parks Need Shade?

Water parks can benefit from providing shade structures in the following areas.

  • Queues: Anywhere people will be standing and waiting, consider adding some shade to make it more comfortable and keep people happier as they await their turn.
  • Seating: If your water park features an area for sitting and relaxing, consider adding some shade for onlookers and those resting between activities.
  • Splash pads: Parks with dedicated splash pads can use shade structures to make these areas more accommodating and cool.
  • Dining: Your customers will appreciate having a shady space to enjoy a snack or meal, allowing them to get a break from the sun and stay cooler.
  • Attractions: Consider adding shade over your attractions to keep them from getting direct sunlight.

The Benefits of Shade Structures for Water Parks

There are many advantages to adding shade structures to your water park.

  • Protection: One significant benefit of shade structures is the protection they provide from harmful UV rays. Over time, the sun can cause your equipment and amenities to fade and wear. Blocking some of this light with a shade structure can extend the life of your water park’s infrastructure.
  • Comfort: While the water is refreshing and cool at a water park, plenty of guests will prefer to stay dry. Adding shade structures can enhance your park’s comfort and give those who are outside the water some much-needed protection from the hot sun.
  • Custom design: Custom shade structures can enhance your water park’s design and contribute to the entire customer experience. Having structures designed specifically for your location can make your business feel more immersive. Plus, they can look fun and add to the overall feel of your park.
  • Function: Another benefit of using shade structures for your water park is the functionality they bring to your business. They can make outdoor spaces more accessible and protect families from harsh rays and severe heat by introducing shade.

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Enhance Your Business’ User Experience With Quality Shade Structures From USA SHADE

Adding shade structures to your water park can enhance your UX and boost your business. For nearly three decades, USA SHADE has been a leader in fabric structure design and technology. Today, we uphold our commitment to being innovative and providing our customers with high-quality shade structures that look great and make spaces more comfortable.

In addition to our extensive catalog of shade structures, we offer fully customized designs to meet all your business’ unique wants and needs.

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