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Commercial Shade Structures for Elementary Schools

Elevate the appearance of an elementary school and add functionality to outdoor areas with commercial shade structures. They can be the perfect elements to improve the architectural design while providing practical spaces for learning, playing and more.

USA SHADE and Fabric Structures has built a reputation of reliability and for providing clients such as educational facilities with high-quality commercial shade solutions that are both durable and aesthetically-pleasing. Trusted for over a quarter of a century, we can help you expand the usability of your school's footprint outdoors. Doing so will give everyone the opportunity to spend more time enjoying green space and showcase your elementary school as a modern facility, committed to learning and providing a safer environment for students.

Are you wondering how a shade structure could benefit your elementary school? Request a free quote now. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your many shade options and design choices to choose from to help transform your elementary school landscape.

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Improve Shade for Playgrounds at Your Elementary School

Most elementary school playgrounds have limited shaded space. While children rarely think about the consequences of UV exposure, parents and educators should always be thinking about how to keep children safe. When they're exposed to the sun for too long, young children, teachers, and school volunteers all eventually feel the effects of being in the heat for extended periods of time. Providing a safe, shaded area for them to spend time in is essential to their health and wellbeing.

Having shade structures over a playground area will cut down on the worries without interrupting the fun. In fact, USA SHADE offers plenty of customized shade structures in vibrant hues. That way, all students, parents, and guardians will see is a remarkably exciting place to grow and play.

Countless Advantages of Shade Structures

What are the benefits of having shade structures at your elementary school? To name just a few, your school can:

  • Enjoy the fact that you'll always have a permanent, cooler, shaded area outside for children and adults to use. On hot and sunny days, the area under a shade structure feels noticeably more comfortable.
  • Encourage teachers to explore outside the four walls of a classroom. Children appreciate a change of environment during long days at school. In addition, educators don't need to worry about computer glare if technology goes outside with the class thanks to the shade.
  • Host picnics and other special school-related activities and assemblies under your shade structures, whether or not they're at your playground area - our shade structures are also great for school courtyards, outdoor dining areas, amphitheaters, and more.
  • Leverage your shade structure as a way to entice families to choose your elementary school as their child's learning environment by showing that you care about outdoor safety and sun protection. The combination of an updated outdoor space, plus the benefit of added comfort and UV protection, can help encourage parents and guardians to feel comfortable entrusting your school with their children.
  • Make your shade structures part of your school branding by adding logos, mascots, or school colors. Highlighting the shade structures in brochures and online brings recognition and school pride. At USA SHADE, we have a wide selection of fabric colors to choose from to help you get exactly the look you want for your school.

Provide Social Distancing Solutions

Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your school. Contact us here to learn more.

Remember that shade structures can be useful in plenty of ways beyond pure function. To see all these advantages and more for yourself, request a free quote from our team today!

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