Apartment Complexes

USA SHADE and Fabric Structures is your preferred apartment complex shade resource to meet a variety of needs and specifications. Whether it's for parking, outdoor seating, basketball courts, pool areas or other spaces, your residents will appreciate the added amenity that our aesthetically-pleasing, functional shade structures provide.

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Why Add Shade Structures to Apartment Complexes?

Along with providing architectural and aesthetic opportunities for existing spaces, shade structures can benefit your apartment complex by:

  • Encouraging pay for parking amenities: USA SHADE offers shade structures for everything from bus stops and tennis courts to outdoor concerts and performances. Elevate the value of your parking spaces for apartment residents with covered parking areas.
  • Increasing aesthetic appeal: Showcase your apartment complex's amenities and community spaces with commercial-grade shade solutions that attract residents year-round. USA SHADE prides itself on creating beautiful spaces through the art of fabric architecture.
  • Protecting against UV rays: Offer apartment residents relief from the sun with commercial shade structures that are built to last.
  • Fitting unusual spaces: Along with the more standard rectangular shapes, the commercial shade structures at USA SHADE can also be triangular to fit into smaller spaces.

Advantages of Partnering With USA SHADE

Since 1991, USA SHADE has built a reputation for reliability and has been a trusted partner to apartment complex owners and architectural and engineering firms across the U.S. Other benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Working with industry innovators: As the first fabric structure designer and manufacturer in California to have received Division of the State Architect, or DSA, approval, USA SHADE provides uncompromising quality with all shade structures.
  • Superior customer service: Our team of experienced and knowledgeable designers will work with you every step of the way, from the initial design stage through final fabrication and construction.
  • Architectural Specialist Division: Our Architectural Specialist Division understands how to help architects deliver the shade structures that will have the highest impact.
  • Custom design capabilities and durability: Our commercial shade structures are durable and customizable to meet any size or aesthetic specifications. We've been successful in inspiring innovative designs with custom shapes and fabrics to allow for long-lasting and functional shade structures.
  • Expertise: We are a turnkey organization with project management processes unmatched by the competition. For more than 25 years, we've been the single source for shade and fabric structure solutions thanks to in-house experts in everything from design development to project management, engineering, manufacturing and construction.

Contact USA SHADE Today for a Free Quote

 Are you ready to give your location a competitive edge and attract more residents? Our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts at USA SHADE will help elevate the appearance and functional value of your apartment complex by providing year-round shade solutions within your space. Request a free quote today to learn more about how a shade structure would benefit your apartment complex.

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