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Commercial Shade Structures for Campgrounds

Shade is important when enjoying the outdoors, particularly at campgrounds that are located in areas with little-to-no natural shade. Is your current campground lacking sufficient places for visitors to relax and recharge without having to worry about exposure to the sun and excessive heat? Are you working on a campground design and looking for unique ways to add areas of shade to your concept? Give USA SHADE and Fabric Structures the opportunity to wow you with our commercial campground shade structures.

For more than a quarter-century, we've led the shade solutions industry. Discover the many ways we can transform your campground with products such as our well-received commercial campground shade sails and other popular shade structures. Contact us now for a free quote.


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Advantages to Commercial Shade Structures for Campgrounds

When you're considering whether to install commercial campground shade structures at your campground site, think of the many benefits that come with creating shady spots for visitors, including that you can:

  • Help campground lovers stay outside longer without risking over-exposure to the sun
  • Create spaces that are cooler, inviting people to linger and relax despite higher temperatures
  • Generate a more aesthetically attractive campground, allowing you to differentiate your business from the competition and other campsites
  • Use colorful commercial shade structures to echo your preferred brand hues
  • Add a sense of modernity and freshness to an older campground
  • More efficiently cover pools and water park areas
  • Enjoy a permanent shade solution for patrons and workers, taking away the need to set up and remove umbrellas and canopies

Many campgrounds have partnered with USA SHADE and Fabric Structures during our lengthy time in the shade solutions industry. Let us introduce you to new ideas to bring your dream of a contemporary, visually appealing campground to life.

Schabarum Regional Park shaded park area

Various Types of Commercial Shade Structures for Campgrounds

At USA SHADE, we can usually custom-create any type of shade structure for campgrounds. That said, a few of our already existing shade structure solutions tend to fit the bill for campground clients, including:

  • Hip shade structures: These streamlined shade structures are well-suited for covering specialized spaces in your campground, including playgrounds, sports areas and outdoor seating.
  • Multi-panel shade structures: Not sure that a simple shade solution will fully cover everyone? A multi-panel shade structure can offer several areas of shade in one structure. Plus, its stellar design will be both eye-catching and memorable.
  • Polygon shade structures: Need to dot your campground with shade? Polygon shade structures work well alone and in groups to cover swaths of space.
  • Shade sail structures: Some of our most popular, memorable projects have included commercial campground shade sail solutions, which are especially wonderful for campgrounds featuring relaxation and gathering spots of differing heights.
  • Custom shade structures: Butterflies and flowers are just a few of the custom looks we can offer in shade structures for your campground. Kids and adults love the way they look as well as the shade they provide.

Learn more about our commercial campground shade structures and spruce up your business in a visually-appealing yet practical way. Reach out now to get a free quote.

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