Lacrosse Complex

Players on the sideline and fans in the stands are at your lacrosse complex to support the game, but it's hard to be all-in with sweat down their backs and the sun in their eyes. Installing a commercial shade structure will help your guests stay protected from the heat and damaging effects of the sun. USA SHADE and Fabric Structures can work with your facility to create custom shade solutions that meet your business' needs and vision.

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Why Add Shade Structures to Your Lacrosse Complex?

There's a thriving sense of community that occurs when players and sports fans come together to engage in a game of lacrosse. Enhance this community experience at your complex in a variety of ways by adding lacrosse complex shade structures:

  • Attract new and repeat customers to your space: Not everybody wants to spend hours outdoors on a hot day when the sun is shining. Shade structures can keep players and fans cool even during the warmest parts of the day, boosting the appeal of your facility.
  • Protect your equipment: In addition to keeping your guests comfortable, shade structures increase the shelf life of your equipment by avoiding over-heating, fading or warping.
  • Extend your facility's usability: You may find that your lacrosse complex is less frequently visited during the hottest months. By installing shade structures, you can increase its seasonal use and keep it busy during the summer.
  • Prevent kids from sun exposure: Families will feel more comfortable bringing their children to games knowing their kids are protected from harmful UV rays and can watch in comfort.
  • Boost your facility's aesthetic appeal: The art and design of our fabric architecture help create beautiful spaces and a cohesive feel. We can customize our shade structures to your complex's needs, allowing for a finishing touch that matches the unique layout of your complex.

USA SHADE's Unique Features

USA SHADE brings unmatched quality and expertise to the design of every shade structure. For close to three decades, we've set ourselves apart in fabric structure design and technology, thanks to an expert team of designers and engineers. 

Together, we have fine-tuned a turnkey approach that walks businesses through each step of the ideation and installation process. From custom design, detail-oriented project management and professional installation, USA SHADE stands out as a reliable industry leader. We're here to partner with your business and ensure your lacrosse complex can attract and protect visitors like never before.

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