Zoo Shade Structures

Zoos are a fun place to visit and learn with family and friends about the wonders of the animal kingdom. However, the sun and heat can be dangerous for both visitors and animals. Our shade structures can be integrated into public places and animal exhibits to provide a cooler and more comfortable environment. Our vibrant fabric colors can be used to define spaces and highlight themes.

During warm, sunny days, many people are eager to visit the zoo. Having effective shade structures to keep animals and guests cool and comfortable will help everyone have a better experience. With the right shade structures, you can help protect zoo animals and encourage visitors to enjoy themselves.

The Benefits of Shade Structures for Zoos

Shade structures let you create a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone at your facility. For any outdoor spaces on-site, adding canopies, cantilevers, and other designs can be an optimized enhancement for your property. 

When you invest in shade structures for your property, you'll gain a wide range of advantages:

  • Protection for the animals: With durable shade structures, you can protect your zoo's animals from the harshest elements.
  • Comfort for visitors: Zoo visitors can enjoy the extra shade and stay comfortable as they're exploring what your site has to offer.
  • Curb appeal: You can customize your zoo shade structures to fit the aesthetic and functional requirements of the space, helping you create a more exciting atmosphere for guests.

Shade Structure Options We Have Available

USA SHADE offers a broad selection of products to fit your specific applications. Whatever your specifications, our team will work with you to create customized options. We offer several options that could be ideally suited for a zoo environment:

  • Cantilever shades: For smaller areas such as concession stands, smaller animal habitats, or exhibit lines, cantilever shades can provide some coverage without taking up space with bulky columns.
  • Hip roof shades: Cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, hip roof shades offer ample coverage for areas such as more extensive animal exhibits, parking lots, or playgrounds.
  • Umbrella shades: With a simple, appealing design, umbrella shades use center-mounted columns and protective materials to provide cover for outdoor dining areas and other broad spaces that get a lot of sun.

Invest in Zoo Shade Structures From USA Shade

When you work with USA SHADE, you get expert engineering, manufacturing, and comprehensive services. From the initial consultation through installation, our experts will be available to provide support. At USA SHADE, we focus on creating shade structure solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our products offer you the opportunity to practically and visually enhance your space.

No matter your design challenges and needs, we're ready to help you create the best shade structure solutions. If you'd like more information on our services, reach out to us to request a quote today.

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