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Wrap Around Shade Structures

Wrap Around

Specifically designed for shading the bleacher/dugout areas of today's modern baseball and softball complexes, our Wrap Around structures provide plenty of shade, as well as protection from foul (fly) balls. 10-Column, 14-Column, and 16-Column configurations are available.


20' MIN to 30' MAX
10' MIN to 14' MAX

• Standard width is 20', with lengths up to 30' per roof section; entry height 10' ~ 14'
• Multiple sections can be joined together to conform to dugout/backstop layout
• Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, and Embed mounting designs
• Logos, light brackets, and Zinc coastal primer are popular options
• Shadesure® or Colourshade® FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available

Color Options

USA SHADE offers a wide variety of color options to suit your project needs. From natural tones to complement any landscape to rich, vivid colors that inspire imagination and play, USA SHADE has you covered.

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