Utilize our Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, or Octagon structures for shading areas where conventional designs, or a center column, cannot be accommodated. Circular patio and seating areas, playgrounds, as well as pools, are often shaded with these structures. Differing shade structure types can be joined together to create a unique shade footprint.

  • Triangles available in 18', 20' or 30' equilateral sides; entry height 7’ ~ 16’
  • Pentagons available in 14' ~ 40' diameters; entry height 7' ~ 15'
  • Hexagons available in 20' ~ 50' diameters; entry height 7' ~ 16'
  • Octagons available in 20' ~ 50' diameters; entry height 7' ~ 16'
  • Larger diameters available via custom design; please call for details
Commercial Hexagon Shade Canopy


Hexagon structures are ideal for shading round areas, or those areas where a center column cannot be accommodated.

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Triangle Commercial Shade Structure


For asymetrical, elongated areas, our Triangle can be an ideal shade solution.

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Octagon Commercial Shade Structure


When conventional Hip or Pyramid units are not large enough to shade your required area, our Octagon structure can be an ideal solution, with available sizes up to 60' in diameter.

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