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Multi-Panel Shade Structures

Super Span Pyramid Multi-Level

Get many of our standout features in one unit. This Super Span Pyramid Multi-Level structure provides plenty of shade for large playspaces, as well as multiple layers of fabric for a signature look.


30' MIN to 60' MAX
12' MIN to 16' MAX
30' MIN to 60' MAX

• Available in 4-Column (up to 3,600sqft)
• 4-Column, lengths from 30’ ~ 60’, widths from 30’ ~ 60’, entry height 12’ ~ 16'
• Rectangular Layout but length not to exceed 1.5 time the width
• Surface Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, and Embed mounting designs
• Shadesure® or Colourshade® FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available

Color Options

USA SHADE offers a wide variety of color options to suit your project needs. From natural tones to complement any landscape to rich, vivid colors that inspire imagination and play, USA SHADE has you covered.

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