Whether you're shading a small benchseat with our Sandton or Linksfield, providing a semi-private oasis with our Cancun Cabana, or need UV/sun and rain protection from our Weather Protector, USA SHADE has a complete line of canopy structures to shade a wide variety of areas. Weather Protectors available in a wide variety of sizes and fabrics - call for details

Permanent Canopy Structures

A permanent canopy can provide many benefits for a range of businesses. Custom shade canopies from USA SHADE can help you:

  • Brand your business by reinforcing the color and theme of your outdoor area.
  • Protect customers and users of your property from UV damage.
  • Keep outdoor areas cooler, encouraging customers or users of your outdoor space to stay longer.
  • Provide a healthier shaded environment for everyone.
  • Protect your investment in outdoor equipment or accessories by shielding these items from the sun and from the elements.
  • Show your customers you care about their health and comfort.
  • Provide a more comfortable outdoor space, even on hotter days.
  • Reduce glare.

A custom shade canopy from USA SHADE has many applications. You can use a canopy to shade:

  • Playgrounds and play areas.
  • Military areas.
  • Schools and outdoor recess areas.
  • Common outdoor areas of condo and apartment properties
  • Day care centers.
  • Patios and decks at restaurants and bars.
  • Parks and recreation spaces.
  • Auto dealerships.
  • Parking areas.
  • Pool areas.

In fact, just about every space can benefit from a commercial shade canopy! If it’s outdoors and it sees sun at least part of the year, shade solutions are a valuable investment for improving the comfort and safety of all users.

The Benefits of a Commercial Grade Canopy

A permanent, commercial-grade canopy from USA SHADE is made to offer:

  • Quality. Made from quality fabrics and components, USA SHADE products reflect the quality of your business.
  • Durability. USA SHADE products are designed to last for many sunny years, offering you great value.
  • Innovative Design. Unique designs and solutions for small spaces and specific uses ensure you get the shading you need.
  • Custom Capabilities. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all shade option when you can use USA SHADE’s powerful design and manufacturing capabilities to create custom solutions?
  • Weather-proofing. Weather-proofing is available, protecting your property from the elements as well as from UV rays.

If you are interested in permanent canopy structures for your outdoor commercial space, contact USA SHADE for more details and to get the design process started. Our canopy shade structures can be built around your needs.

  • Cancun Cabana available in 10’ x 10’, 12’ x 12’, and 15’ x 15’ sizes; entry height 8’
  • Sandton available in  2- or 4-post designs in 8' x 12' configuration; entry height 7' ~ 10'
  • Linksfield available in  2- or 4-post designs in 8' x 12' configuration; entry height 7' ~ 10'
  • Weather Protectors available in a wide variety of sizes and fabrics - call for details
Shade for Benches - Linksfield


Linksfield structures are commonly used to shade small bench seat areas, and small walkways.

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Shade for Tennis Courts - Sandton


Available in two- and four-post configurations, the Sandton structure is ideal for shading small outdoor seating areas, particularly benches in/around tennis courts.

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Cancun Cabana Shade

Cancun Cabana

A very popular shade product around the poolsides of resort hotels in Las Vegas and more, our Cancun Cabana structure provides ample shade, with a semi-private feel.

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